The City of Longview Animal Control is encouraging residents to take precautions to make sure their pets are kept hydrated and cool this summer. Those precautions include:
• Provide a shelter for your outside animals.
Access to a shady spot can help keep your pet keep cool.
• Fresh water should be available at all times. If you keep a water dish outside, remember to check it periodically to make sure it is filled.
• If you have a pet with long hair, consider getting it a haircut.
•    NEVER leave your pet in a closed vehicle. The temperature inside a car can become dangerous in very few minutes, even with the windows open. In addition, it is a violation of City ordinance to leave a pet unattended in a parked vehicle on Texas hot and sweltering day. Any Animal Control Officer, Police Officer, or Firefighter who sees an animal in distress and determines the animal’s health is at risk may enter the vehicle to remove the animal for medical attention.
•    Dogs that ride in the back of pick-ups or other open vehicles must be restrained to keep it from falling or jumping out.
For more information, please call Animal Control at 903-237-1290 or visit