Keep Longview Beautiful has once again earned the coveted Governor’s Community Achievement Award given by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and Keep Texas Beautiful.  Each year this award is given to ten Texas communities with the best grassroots environmental programs in the state.  The competition distributes $2 million in funding from TxDOT based on population size.  Funds are used for landscaping projects along local right-of-ways.   Keep Longview Beautiful’s programs were judged on achievements focusing on seven environmental areas:  Community Leadership and Coordination, Public Awareness, Education, Beautification and Community Improvement, Litter Prevention and Clean up, Solid Waste Management and Litter Law and Illegal Dumping Enforcement.


Keep Longview Beautiful last won this prestigious honor in 2013.  Working with TxDOT, the awarded monies of $270,000 were used to plan, design and install the new entryway located at highway 31 and Spur 63.  On the west side of this locale is where Keep Longview Beautiful is preparing to build The Green, a nine acre outdoor event venue.  After a community wins first place, they must take a 3 year hiatus from receiving the top prize, 2017 was the first chance the organization had of winning again. 


“This award was truly earned through community partnerships,” replied Kim Casey Droege, Executive Director of Keep Longview Beautiful.  “Longview’s commitment to strong collaborations shows robust assurance to safeguard community improvement and public beautification.  If you’ve picked up litter on your adopted street or during Longview Green and Clean you helped get this award.  If you’ve donated money to our organization, you helped get this award.  All citizens that recycle, everyone that was part of our ‘Trick Trash Challenge’, all students that drew art for our Art Truck Contest, if you were a part of our GREEN Machines Parades or ART from the heART then you helped earn this honor.  This is a huge, collective effort and we are proud of Longview!”  Droege also stated, “Progressive in nature, our small nonprofit group is governed by 25 selfless, volunteer Directors.  These passionate folks work tirelessly to champion our mission of educating citizens about litter prevention, beautification and waste reduction/recycling in the community.  Our Board of Directors genuinely are the heart and soul of Keep Longview Beautiful.”