It was a bright, early and chilly Saturday morning when most people are in bed under warm blankets enjoying not having to go to school or work. Early risers may have been up watching cartoons. However, students, and their teachers assembled on this fateful morning at HUDSON PEP for the UIL meet.
Seven LISD elementary schools gathered for a UIL Academics meet at Hudson PEP. A total of 450 students participated in the second annual district UIL Academics meet on Sat., Jan. 28.
Community leaders, LISD educators, college and high school students volunteered to serve as judges for the event. C. Jeannine Brandon, English III Longview Global High School and UIL District Academic Coordinator thanked Hudson PEP principal Sue Wilson and her staff for hosting the meet. In addition, she is appreciative of the principals, coordinators, and coaches who prepared students for the meet. Also, she thanks the parents who came to support their little ones.


Events and grade levels of the top six places are as follows:

Art 4th Grade
1st        Isiah Martinez            Hudson PEP
2nd        Caroline Henderson        Hudson PEP
3rd        Danielle Wooden        Hudson PEP
4th        Gisselle Gamino            J.L. Everhart
5th         Cherrion Williams        Hudson PEP
6th        Erandy Salgado            Ware
Art 5th Grade
1st        Anna Ward            Hudson PEP
2nd        Payton Schaap            Hudson PEP
3rd        Peyton White            Hudson PEP
4th        Jessica Mena            South Ward
5th        Ka’Rajah Smith            Bramlette
6th        Jesus Luviano            Bramlette
Creative Writing 2nd grade
1st        Randall Rinehart        Hudson PEP
2nd        Madison Poole            J.L. Everhart
3rd        Jasmine Durrant            Johnston-McQueen
4th        Cambrie Salser            Hudson PEP
5th        Tenique Bauer            South Ward
6th        Alexis Jones            Hudson PEP
Dictionary Skills 5th grade
1st        Isaac Alvarado            Hudson PEP
2nd        Luke Albritton            Hudson PEP
3rd         Aerial Henderson        Hudson PEP
4th        Emily Riddle            Johnston-McQueen
5th        Angela Dominguez        South Ward
6th        Ghnytra Ford            J.L. Everhart
Listening 5th grade
1st        Auburn Hilliard            Hudson PEP
2nd        Sam Pistone            Hudson PEP
3rd        Alexis Freeman            Bramlette
4th        Ka’Rajah Smith            Bramlette
5th        Rickel King            J.L. Everhart
6th        Leticia Peralta            South Ward
Maps, Graphs, Charts 5th grade
1st        Emma Grace Frierson        Hudson PEP
2nd        Paul Morin            Hudson PEP
3rd        Parker Montgomery        Johnston-McQueen
4th        Starr Davis            Johnston-McQueen
5th        Sam Snyder            Hudson PEP
6th        Alyn Castillo            J.L. Everhart
Music Memory 3rd grade
1st        Jack Bolding Perfect Score    Hudson PEP
2nd        Jack Blackburn            Hudson PEP
3rd        Olivia Orren            Hudson PEP
4th        Avery Shobert            Hudson PEP
5th        Jaz’lyn Lewis            Bramlette
6th        Trevion Green            Bramlette
Music Memory 4th grade
1st        Carmen Vermillion Perfect Score    Hudson PEP
2nd        Kayla Poole Perfect Score        J.L. Everhart
3rd        Aviriel Hinton            J.L Everhart
4th        Carley Snyder            Hudson PEP
5th        Damian White            Ware
6th        Kori Hunter            Hudson PEP
Music Memory 5th grade
1st        Ghnytra Ford Perfect Score    J.L. Everhart
2nd     Natalia Reeves            Hudson PEP
3rd        N’Dia Elder            Ware
4th        Daniel Fourie            Hudson PEP
5th        Alexis Irving            Ned E. Williams
6th        Terriah Dunn            J.L. Everhart
Number Sense 4th grade
1st        Prince Patel            Hudson PEP
2nd        Bhavna Singh            Hudson PEP
3rd        Victor Mendoza            South Ward
4th        Troy Thomas            Johnston-McQueen
5th        Virginia Gonzalez        South Ward
6th        Alejandra Gonzalez        Ware
6th        Christy Truong            Johnston-McQueen
Number Sense 5th grade
1st        Nitin Rangu            Hudson PEP
2nd        Gaurav Singh            Hudson PEP
3rd        Lee Stanley            Johnston-McQueen
4th         Surya Donty            Hudson PEP
5th        Manuel Guarez            South Ward

Johnston McQueen students at recent UIL competition.