Kilgore College (KC) President Dr. Bill Holda has announced that KC and Texas A&M University at Texarkana have entered into an articulation agreement.
The schools recently met in Kilgore to sign a Reciprocal Articulation Agreement to provide improved educational opportunities to students from both campuses.  Signed by Holda and A&M-Texarkana President Dr. C.B. Rathburn III the agreement will be in effect through 31 August 2014.  Holda has high expectations for the collaboration.
“Kilgore College has much to gain by working with the colleges in our region for the benefit of our students,” he said.  “The articulation with A&M-Texarkana will provide our students with additional options as they seamlessly further their educational objectives.  I knew President Rathburn when he was president at Galveston College, and he very well understands the world of the community college and the value which transfer students bring to the university environment.”
Texarkana is equally upbeat about the partnership.
“Texas A&M University-Texarkana is honored to be in partnership with Kilgore to open an affordable new pathway for KC students to complete and advanced degrees in an exciting new campus environment,” Rathburn said.
The agreement’s objectives are:

* To transition qualified students from KC to A&M-Texarkana, and A&M-Texarkana back to KC in order to further completion of associates degrees at KC.
* To use clear communication to insure efficient, orderly transfer of students from KC to A&M-Texarkana while simultaneously promoting simultaneous advancement in learning.
* To supply advisement/counseling for KC students aiming to move on to a degree program at A&M-Texarkana.
* To establish academic and administrative coordination between the two schools to facilitate the program’s outcome, and hence assure continual improvement.

The collaboration will also make it possible for KC and A&M-Texarkana to jointly facilitate and support consultation and collaboration evaluating the new program, general education, degree requirements and sundry academic matters.
Located on a freshly developed 375-acre tract of land north of the city and adjacent to Bringle Lake, Texas A&M-Texarkana presently enrolls 1950 students studying a broad spectrum of degree programs under the umbrella of its three colleges–the College of Business, College of Education and Liberal Arts, and College of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
The university opened its first residence hall last August. Construction is slated for a second residence hall and a dining hall, both to be opened in 2013.  A funding drive is underway to finance a 14,000 square-foot Student Engagement Center.  The school has also introduced Eagle Athletics. This sports club program will permit students to participate in tennis, golf, soccer, crew and cross-country.