Bringing 45 new jobs to the area

The Longview Economic Development Corporation (LEDCO) is pleased to announce that REV Group, Inc., a $2 Billion parent company of 26 vehicle manufacturers serving commercial, emergency and recreation markets, is relocating ElDorado Mobility to Longview, Texas. ElDorado Mobility will be an expansion to one of their existing vehicle manufacturers located in Longview, Capacity of Texas.

The REV Group, Inc. manufactures recreation, fire, bus, ambulance, terminal trucks, sweepers, and racing vehicles. ElDorado Mobility offers a line of wheelchair accessible conversion vehicles which retrofits vans with innovative features to blend together ease, comfort and mobility. ElDorado Mobility is scheduled to open late 2016.

Longview Mayor Andy Mack welcomes the new company. “We are excited that REV Group, Inc. has decided to relocate ElDorado Mobility to Longview at the Capacity of Texas facility. This demonstrates their confidence that Longview is a city where companies will succeed.”

“A key component of LEDCO’s vision is to bring primary jobs to Longview, and the relocation of ElDorado Mobility will offer manufacturing job opportunities to the community,” said Wayne Mansfield, President and CEO of LEDCO. “The REV Group expects to expand Capacity of Texas’ workforce by 45 employees and invest over $600,000 in capital improvements. One of the key reasons for relocating to Longview is workforce availability. The total payroll, benefits, and capital investment contributed by REV Group, Inc. will reach $5.5 million over the next ten years.”
“Longview is a great community with an excellent cost of living for our employees. It offers access to skilled workers with strong work ethics and a focus towards safety. LEDCO has been extremely helpful and professional in walking us through the process of making this move possible. We appreciate all the support and are honored to be a part of the Longview community,” Greg Heichelbech, President of Commercial Division, REV Group, Inc. stated.


The Longview Economic Development Corporation was created by the voters of Longview in 1991 under the Development Act of 1979 (Texas Revised Civil Statutes Article 5190.6) section 4A for the purpose of creating and retaining primary jobs. The Corporation’s independent board of directors, five voting members, five non-voting members, is appointed by the mayor and city council. The Corporation owns two business parks in Longview with 1,200 acres of land.
About REV – Vehicles for Life – Capacity Trucks

REV Group, Inc. is the largest manufacturer in North America of emergency vehicles and small buses along with being the leading manufacturer of recreation vehicles, terminal trucks and street sweepers. REV Group, Inc. manufactures over 16,000 specialty vehicles a year, from 14 world class manufacturing facilities with over 4,500 dedicated associates, who are also committed to supporting over 300,000 vehicles in daily use.