One of the best vehicles our community has to help lower the cost for core primary care services is more community families utilizing Wellness Pointe health system.

As a Federally Qualified Health System, we employ seasoned Board-certified clinicians who are experts at providing cost-effective, medically appropriate medical and dental services to families with Medicaid, Medicare, Tri-Care and Commercial insurances. We also have numerous programs that based on your income and family size, might qualify you for one of numerous programs we have to help pay for your families needed medical services. We can also help you save on your s through our 340(B) Pharmacy program should you qualify for this program.

We are one of the few healthcare systems in East Texas that also has onsite Eligibility Workers that can help your family and you qualify for Medicaid and other State benefits you might be eligible to receive. We offer WIC for young mothers/families who qualify for these services to help their family dollars stretch a little further. We also offer numerous Behavioral Health programs designed to help those who need help coping with substance abuse, low self-esteem, divorce, loneliness, depression or other life challenges. We offer world-class OB/GYN, Pediatric, Family Medicine, Geriatric, Urgent Care, Dental, Behavioral Health, Mothers Milk, WIC, sports physicals, school physicals, pre-employment physical services for families who want these services provided in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.

For those small businesses/employers working hard every day to stay afloat, who might not be financially able to offer medical, dental benefits to your valued employees, I encourage you to contact us to see how Wellness Pointe might help your employee families receive the cost effective, medically appropriate, professional and compassionate medical and dental primary care services they deserve.

Most of you probably didn’t know that Federally Qualified Health Systems arose out of the nations social equality movement in the 1950s and 1960s to ensure working class community families had equal access to high-quality, cost-effective and medically appropriate primary care services. Federally Qualified Health Systems are truly the peoples’ health system as we solely exist to serve the people, are governed by the people, for the people who utilize our services. 51% of our Board of Directors are community people who utilize our health system and this to ensure we never lose touch of who we are here to serve – which is you.

Let me take a moment to clarify some other urban legends about Federally Qualified health systems:

Urban Legend: only poor people go to Federally Qualified health systems.
Fact: working class (employed) families are the primary users of Wellness Pointe

Urban Legend: only providers who couldn’t make it somewhere else work in Federally Qualified health systems.
Fact: Our health system providers are Board-certified and/or Board eligible. We don’t hire or retain subpar clinicians or staff in our health system.

Urban Legend: Federally Qualified health systems are Free Clinics.
Fact: Wellness Pointe is not a free clinic. While there are legal entities known as Free Clinics, Wellness Pointe is not a Free Clinic and our services are not free. Because we are a Federally Qualified health system, we offer sliding fee schedules and a multitude of programs to help families pay for their services needed. We are uniquely positioned to help our community families afford the core primary care services they deserve and need to keep their family healthy.

Urban Legend: Federally Qualified health systems only see uninsured people.
Fact: Wellness Pointe sees (and welcomes) patients covered by Medicaid, Tri-Care, Medicare and most Commercial insurances. We are a non-profit organization that uses the revenues we generate to help offset the cost of care for those with limited or no ability to pay for their services. Our financial model is one of community families helping other community families stay healthy. Large profits are not our motivator.

Being there to provide the primary care services our community families need is. My Board, dedicated team and I invite more community families to utilize our health system as when you do, we’re able to help a growing number of community working families who also need our services.

Urban Legend: the care provided by Federally Qualified health systems isn’t as high-quality as that provided in other health system.
Fact: the quality of services provided at Wellness Pointe is equal to the best of similar services provided by our fellow health system partners. We do not offer sub-par or inappropriate medical services and FQHCs have become this nations primary health care chronic disease “experts” as we were providing high-quality primary care services to working class families and fighting chronic diseases when it wasn’t socially “hip” for health systems to do so. So if you suffer from asthma, obesity, diabetes, eye disease, heart disease, substance abuse, high-blood pressure and/or are considered an OB/GYN high-risk patient, you will be seen by clinical professional experts with years of clinical training when you present to our health system for these needed services.

Urban Legend: FQHCs are government clinics that do little to control healthcare costs.
Fact: FQHCs save this country billions of dollars each year by partnering with their local community healthcare stakeholders to reduce inappropriate emergency room, urgent care visits as well as extended and/ or unintended hospital stays. FQHCs are integrated healthcare delivery systems, governed by a community Board that receives Federal and oftentimes State dollars to ensure any community family who needs a medical home can utilize their services without fear of being treated differently and/or not treated at all because of their inability or limited ability to pay for their needed services.

One of the best kept secrets we have in our community to help ensure our valued community families receive cost-effective primary care services is Wellness Pointe – your Federally Qualified Health system. At Wellness Pointe everything we do is about keeping your family and you healthy. My Board, dedicated system staff and I encourage you to use one of our three convenient medical campuses. Call us today at 903-758-2610 as the more community families who use our system help us to not only keep more community families healthy; but it also helps our community healthcare dollars go further. Is has been and remains our privilege to be your community health system.