It’s a well-known fact that zombies eat brains. Where do you find the best brains? At the Tyler Public Library of course!
Anyone looking to try their luck as a zombie hunter is invited to the first ever Zombie Shootout on Saturday, Oct. 25 from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Tyler Public Library, 201 S. College Ave.
Hunters armed with Nerf guns will have six shots in the first round to hit as many zombies as possible. The highest scoring participants will advance to the second round on the second floor. On this advanced level, Nerf guns and ammunition will be scattered amongst the book stacks. If a hunter hits a zombie, the zombie is out. However if a zombie successfully tags the hunter, then the hunter becomes one of the walking dead.
“This is a fun event to bring people into the Library so we can let them know what we have available to them, sign them up for library cards, and support our children’s programming,” said Access Librarian Lori Fregoso.
This event is open to all ages. Admission can be either a bag of Halloween candy or a $2 donation to the Friends of the Library.
The Library is also accepting volunteers to act as zombies. If interested, please contact the Volunteer Tyler coordinator at (903) 531-1100.
For more information contact the Tyler Public Library at (903) 593-7323. Plus, check out the zombie promo video on the City’s YouTube channel.