The safety and well-being of the children in our care are top priorities at Longview ISD. We understand the frustration and concerns of our East Texas Montessori Prep Academy families. We’re parents too and so we share in the dissatisfaction with how things have gone at the facility in the first couple days.

Serving the families in our school district with excellence is the goal at Longview ISD, and we feel this has not taken place in this endeavor. The required organization and processes to make morning and afternoon transitions flow in an orderly fashion have been grossly deficient. This is inexcusable and unacceptable. The administration apologizes to our students, parents, and community.

We are aggressively working to address these issues. District and campus administration have met and will continue to meet. Efforts are ongoing to troubleshoot and coordinate solutions. We will not be satisfied until the students are able to be dropped off and picked up with minimal obstructions and miscommunications, and traffic is able to flow through entrances and exits without excessive delay.

In order to improve communication, Montessori principal Dr. Jacqueline Burnett will be contacting families nightly with helpful campus information as well as any changes in procedures. Dr. Burnett encourages all drivers to follow the designated pickups zones and please remain in their vehicles until children can be brought to correct location. Early pickups for medical appointments must be done before 1:30 p.m., as no visitors will be admitted after.

The staff of Longview ISD cares about our community, and our utmost desire is to do everything we can to ensure a positive and enriching educational experience. We will continue to work toward this goal, and we thank you for the trust you have in us for the most important people in your life.