Friday was Green Country Day at Lobo Stadium. Longview Independent School District (LISD) Foundation Executive Director Kay Ray was plumb tickled. The Lobo Green Out was a success. In fact, the Foundation ran out of most sizes even before the Longview Lobos/John Tyler Lions game kicked off. By Thursday afternoon, only a few of the largest sizes were left.

Since then, however, more Green Out t-shirts have arrived. So, if you did not get one just go to the Athletic Office and express support for the Lobos.

According to Ray, the Lobo Green Out started 13 years ago. LISD Foundation founder Mickey Melton was a Texas A&M alumnus, and was familiar with the Aggies’ Maroon Out event.

In the Maroon Out event, Aggie fans purchase t-shirts to show support for their football team. Ray attended University of Texas at Austin. She remembers multiple events during weeks leading up to the games, showing support for the Longhorns and the university. “These events placed the players before the fans,” she said.

Consequently, Ray approached Melton, and they discussed the Maroon Out and the UT-Austin events and voila, they came up with the Lobo Green Out, supporting the Foundation, students and teachers. There is more.

Such business sponsors as Chuck King and his Chick-Fil-A diner assisted in various ways for several years. Also, Jason and Shellie Butler with Forbes and Butler Advertising Agency volunteer to produce the lovely artwork on the shirts, and charge nothing for their support. This saves the Foundation a great deal of money. Most importantly, Ray is grateful to all supporters.

However, she has special memories of Mickey Melton and his work on behalf of the LISD.

“I wish Mickey Melton was alive to see this,” she said. “He was a fine man. We would not have all this without him.”