It has been 24 years since Red Oak Baptist Church welcomed a new spiritual leader.  Wealthy in the Word, it was his own words that most impressed his reverent qualifications on his new congregation.
He submitted the Holy Trinity as references.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are still giving him full endorsement.  Listing the Bible as his main textbook, he immediately commenced sharing its treasures with Red Oak’s parishioners, and the Reverend H.C. Rockmore, still distributing the Holy Scriptures’ wealth from the pulpit.
The church offers positions of employment to anyone sincerely eager to serve Our Lord, and the ledger is always balanced because Jesus Christ is eternally available to keep accounts squared.  As Pastor Rockmore points out, nobody can steal from this account, damaged merchandise is repaired through prayer, and any booking errors are miraculously corrected.
Savings are stored up as riches in heaven, where those with mature IRAs retire to mansions connected by streets of gold.  There are no foreclosures here because dwellings are paid for in full by the Heavenly Father before they are occupied.  He also gives a bonus–endless love.  Brother Rockmore is His account representative–he explains the retirement plan in full with words so easy to understand.
The reverend is assisted in his priceless mission of enlightenment by a lovely (inside and out) lady he married years ago.  Her name is Jean, and her presence and touch are as soothing as the soft light of dawn as she ministers to those in need. She is an angel, with a rainbow of hues that follow her like the sun after a soothing shower.  She is serene, and the perfect instrument for Him to use in His acts of healing.
Jean is followed by a delightful scent of lavender as she blooms like lovely flowers that sprout in a burned field, hiding the blackened scars.  She is the great woman behind this church’s great man.  She stretches away into the distance, inviting all who seek salvation to follow her and her godly husband to the eager joy awaiting them in that golden eternity.