Six Lobo choir members continue toward All-State

Choirs from Longview High School and Judson Middle School have placed a combined 51 singers in their respective All-Region choirs. Judson singers earned 31 All-Region seats following auditions against counterparts from across East Texas.

Lobo vocalists grabbed 14 All-Region Honor Choir chairs, while another six were selected for the All-Region Mixed Choir. Both schools compete in Texas Music Region 21, which stretches from Hallsville west to Athens and south to Trinity. The All-Region Choirs are set to perform a concert at 4:30 p.m. Nov. 16 at the University of Texas-Tyler.

Middle School All-Region Choir

Dakota Davenport, Ke’Rajah Smith, NicKissia Lawson, Marissa Casas, Jordan Edwards, Alexis Gurunian, Madison Johnson, Triniti Jones, Alex Adams, Aalasia Sheridan, Naya Green, Justice Renner, Erin Jackson, Emily Riddle, Ashley Jeffery, Amiyah Key, De’Nashia Dunn, D’Zyre Heckard, Ainsley Polk, Kelsey Skinner, Marcus Harry, Braxton Myles, Tanner Hill, Shelby Garris, Parker Montgomery, Shamyria Hamilton, Cameron Starling, Jake Fidler, Danny Beasley, Taisha Mackey and Mariah Mijalis

High School All-Region Honor Choir:

Kyonah Austin, Jaleah Bailey, Yazmin Benitez, Alison Caldwell, Alyia Doktor, Keira Eynon, Lyndsey Fletcher, Graycen Midler-Cline, Danayla Henry, Allison Monthie- Kemp, Hannah Palmer, Meosha Richardson, Rosemary Taylor, Ayana Young

High School All-Region Mixed Choir:

James Babbitt, Jalen Jackson, Collyn Lee, Jazmyne Rice- Cauley, Christion Taylor and Elissa Weedon will audition toward All-State Choir on Nov. 19 in Jacksonville. The Judson choirs are under the direction of Cathy Cole. Jason McPherson directs the Longview High School choirs.