October 28, a Tuesday, is the day to for the public to have a say in how the city of Longview will start to move forward into the new year and beyond. The Longview Comprehensive Plan Committee invites everyone in Longview, to come and give feedback about a draft document that will have great import on long-term developments such as parks, transportation, city facilities, land use, development standards, population projections, economic development and other weighty issues that will determine our city’s path into coming years. All interested parties should be at the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Complex at 100 Grande Boulevard at 7:00 that evening.
The forum will showcase highlights of an already-formed draft of an outline for civic development. It is called the Longview Comprehensive Plan, and the public will be invited to participate in a live poll on the proposal and discuss its various features. Following the conference, the plan will be available online at LongviewTexas.gov/plan.
Longview residents are urged to study the initiative and send in their feedback through December 15. After all this response is received, considered and assimilated, a final version of the Longview Comprehensive Plan is slated to be available for the city council to examine in the first quarter of 2015.
The Longview Comprehensive Plan is a long-term document outlining the strategy to be taken to guide local growth and development for the coming years. A city council-appointed team of qualified members from the Longview area hammered out the plan’s details. Keith Honey served as chair, and Richard Manley as council liaison.
For additional information on the Longview Comprehensive Plan please visit the website or call the city manager’s office at (903) 237-1021.
Story By Kelly Bell