The Tyler City Council approved on Wednesday the sale of a City-owned tract of land in downtown Tyler.  Located on North Bonner Avenue across from City Hall, the Westpark at Downtown will include 96 apartment lofts and 4,800 square feet of commercial/retail space. The site, which totals 3.75 acres, is bounded by W. Ferguson St. on the north and W. Erwin St. on the south.  The project represents a $10 million investment in downtown Tyler by the Scarborough family of Tyler, principals of Three Princes Partners and the developers of the project. 

The project is being designed by Mike Butler of Butler Architectural Group. It will include a .75 acre green to be dedicated as open space. The property was formerly the site of King Chevrolet and has been owned by the City since 2009.

City Manager Ed Broussard stated that “the sale of this portion of the King Chevrolet property begins a resurgence for downtown on this far west end.  We have seen incredible redevelopment of our beautiful downtown around the square and along Broadway, and now we will experience this with the west end of downtown.” 

 “This is a very exciting and very well designed project that will add tremendously to the ongoing redevelopment of downtown Tyler,” said Chris Burrow who directs the Land Advisory Group at Henry S. Miller Company, the Dallas firm representing the City on the planning and marketing of the property. The buyer is represented by Gary Halbrooks of Venue Properties in Tyler.

“This represents the largest single investment ever in terms of residential development in downtown Tyler,” Burrow said.  “Major improvements in downtown in recent years have made this project possible.  Gallery Main Street, Liberty Hall, the new parking garage on Broadway, the success of the renovated People’s Petroleum Building, and great restaurants  – all of these efforts help make Tyler attractive to residents who want to live downtown,” Burrow added.  “We are now working with the City to attract a boutique hotel to another portion of the property,” he stated. 

Mike Butler, the project architect, has long been an advocate for downtown Tyler having been involved in several key efforts. “This is a significant project because of the energy it brings to Tyler in general and downtown specifically. I was involved in Tyler 21 and Tyler 1st planning initiatives. This residential project dovetails directly with the thoughts of those studies. Residential is one of the key legs of a successful downtown. This project is in line with trends across the country,” Butler commented.

Beverly Abell, Director of Tyler Main Street Program and Heart of Tyler, Inc. agrees.  “In the decade I have worked in downtown Tyler, I have seen the demand for housing only grow.  Many people want to live downtown for the sense of neighborhood, a desire for uniqueness and authenticity, and to live in a neighborhood where one can still walk or bicycle for goods, services, entertainment and more,” she says.

The Scarborough family, originally from Henderson, have been successful in the energy and real estate industries for many years and are passionate about Tyler and are very excited about the Westpark at Downtown.  “We would like to thank the City of Tyler for working with us on this project. We believe this will be a great addition to the historic downtown district and allow Tyler’s residents to enjoy all that it has to offer,” stated Samuel Scarborough who will oversee the family’s latest project. 


Chris Burrow, Vice President & Director
Land Advisory Group
Henry S. Miller Company
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Mike Butler, AIA, LEED AP
Butler Architectural Group
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