By Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Make 2012 count for you and your children by resolving to pay your child support in full and on time. As parents, our children rely on us to provide basic necessities, as well as love and support. By paying child support, you are providing these things and more for your children.
It is common knowledge that child support payments cover a child’s basic needs, such as food, shelter and clothing. However, the benefits extend beyond the financial security that each payment provides. Research shows that children of parents who pay their child support have fewer behavior problems, make better grades and stay in school longer than children who do not receive regular support.
Parents who pay child support also are more likely to be a constant presence in their children’s lives and take an active role in their upbringing. Children with two involved, caring parents are more confident, more likely to exercise self-control and less likely to engage in risky behaviors that result in drug usage and early pregnancies.
Thank you to the thousands of parents who paid their child support in full and on time during 2011. Because of you, this office collected a record $3.196 billion in child support for the state fiscal year that ended Aug. 31. Your faithfulness will provide endless benefits to your children. Parents who regularly pay their child support demonstrate that they are concerned for their children’s welfare.
For parents who have missed payments, the Attorney General’s Office encourages you to renew your commitment in the New Year to provide for your children and pay your child support. Please show your children that you care about their welfare by making regular child support payments throughout 2012.
To help parents collect child support, the Attorney General’s Office accepts applications from mothers, fathers and other individuals who request our services. Applications can be obtained by visiting Child Support Interactive on the main Attorney General website at or by calling our 24-hour voice response system at (800) 252-8014. Parents who receive financial assistance through the Health and Human Services Commission automatically receive child support services.
The Office of the Attorney General wishes you and your family all the best for a healthy and happy 2012!