The Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale that’s about to rise along the right-of way from Mississippi to Mesquite is more than a garage sale. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity for cities and businesses along the Hwy to take advantage of what most of us yearn for…. getting a good bargain and bringing tourists to town.

This year’s Fall sale is October 18th – 19th-20th . Each city along Hwy 80 is responsible for rallying the businesses and sellers to participate. You may drive for miles and not see anyone hawking their wares and then stumble on a treasure trove of deals. A list of businesses participating can be found on the new website or East to West Tourism website and is updated often. Its a great place to start. Vendors and Shoppers are encouraged to post on the new Facebook page at –

Organized by East Texas Tourism Association 23 years ago to promote and increase tourism trade and traffic along historic US 80. Hwy 80 is the first coast-to-coast, all-weather highway in America. The 2,400 mile route begins in Savannah, Ga., makes its way through East Texas and concludes in San Diego, California. Following a meeting in Jackson, MS in August – The April 19th & 20th, 2014 date will be promoted across 5 states. There will be hundreds of sales going on in pockets all along the route. This is a great fund-raising opportunity for churches, civic clubs and individuals.

The event is part of ETTA’s 23 year effort to draw attention to the byways of its region. Each city along the US 80 route will be responsible for its part in the Hwy 80 Sale. Hwy 80 Sale marketing packages including posters, sale signs and information are available at East To West Tourism, 421 N. Center, Suite A, Longview, TX 75601.

This is also a great weekend to display antique cars & motorcycles. Many of the car clubs & RV clubs plan events around the weekend. While shoppers will be searching for great deals, cities along the route hope they find the highway’s more permanent treasures, such as bed and breakfasts, motels, restaurants, and historical sites.