Financial Peace University (FPU) has guided more than one million American families toward financial security through its curriculum taught by personal money management expert Dave Ramsey.  Radio personality and author of the best-sellers Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace, and More Than Enough, Ramsey has devised a 13-week course that educates families on how to get out of debt and establish a monetary base to stay solvent generation after generation.
After pulling himself out of destitution, Ramsey dedicated his career to helping others learn how to use their money to their best advantage.  FPU has been teaching his methods since 1994.  Former student Christine Cohn is enthusiastic about what the school taught her.
“Because of the lessons we learned in FPU we have been able to pay off $36,000 in just 17 months,” she said.  “Debt had caused us to stop dreaming because we couldn’t look into the future without feeling stressed.  Now we have a plan for our money and [are] working together for our future.”
Ramsey’s course consists of 13 individual lessons on DVD. Following each of these lessons a group discussion is scheduled to further mutual encouragement and assess accountability.  Subject matter includes putting money back for emergencies, budgeting, money and its effects on relationships, and how to get out of debt. Students receive work kits before commencing the course.
“FPU is a fun and easy-to-understand program,” Ramsey said.  “Whether you are deeply in debt or financially secure, FPU will help you gain a new perspective on how to handle your money.”
Classes will begin at Lifebridge Christian Center at 2022 Alpine Road in Longview at 9:45 a.m. on July 31, 2011.  To register call Scott Grizzle at (903) 757-7400.  To obtain a kit call (888) 227-3223 or contact Ramsey at  To learn the times and locations of classes year-round visit