By Joycelyne Fadojutimi

Miracle League officially opened its fields today after many years of hard work and fund raising. Chris Stuckey, president of the Miracle League Board called it a miracle. According to Stuckey, it has not been an easy road. He thanked all board members both past and present for their contributions made Miracle League a reality. Stuckey was very excited about the grand opening. “This has been over 5 years in the making. It has been a difficult process but today made all the hard work worth it,” he said. “Miracle League will give kids the opportunity to participate in sports and this is pretty awesome.”
Miracle League is in the Lear Park Sports complex. Hence kids who play in the Miracle league can see their relatives and able to share the fun and experience.
The Honorable Gregg County Judge Stoudt said it is a symbol of the type of community Gregg county is-the place to be! “Think about it this way- A facility like this one says a lot about the type of community we are,” Stoudt said. “Gregg County is proud to be a part of Miracle league.”
Mayor Andy Mack thanked everyone for their effort and acknowledged Longview is a giving community. “This has been longtime coming” he told the audience. “It will change lives, families, kids and our whole community. This is what Longview is all about.”
Daggnabitt band was on hand to get the feet moving with their music. There were many volunteers and vendors hawking their wares especially food. And, the kids could hardly wait to hit the ball and run from base to base.