Miracle League extends online registration until Thursday, same day registration also available on Saturday.
By Keisha Roland
The Miracle League of East Texas will host their 3rd annual Run It Like It’s Hot! Miracle mud run. This year’s event is bigger with a 5k obstacle course, so do not miss the fun.
Miracle League Board Member and Event Coordinator Chris Stuckey believes in raising awareness of the Miracle League of East Texas. “It is vital that people know who we are and what we represent,” said Stuckey. “Being able to give children with inabilities to play baseball the opportunity to participate in such a sport is amazing.”
According to the 2000 Census Bureau, there are 12.3 million children in our country between the ages of 5 and 19 who languish from some form of disability. Miracle League serves children who suffer from disabilities that cause them to be excluded from youth baseball leagues. The main barriers for these children rise from the natural grass fields used in youth leagues. For this reason, Miracle League teams play on a custom-designed, rubberized turf field that accommodates wheelchairs and other devices while helping to prevent injuries.
Fundraisers such as the mud run contributes to the cost of a planned Miracle field to be located in the Lear sports complex. “We are getting closer to our goal,” Stuckey said. “We have the luxury of many people donating time and materials. There has been a lot of generosity from the community to help lessen the burden on us.” None the less, contributions are still needed.
The mud race is a fun event for family and friends There are actually two courses, adult course (12 and up) and children’s course (Ages 6 to 11). Appropriate running shoes are a must and athletic gloves are highly recommended. Keep in mind that there will be mud. Stuckey recommends everyone come out and support this cause. “Everyone is invited to come and have fun,” he said. “Now, we have an excuse to jump in the mud and to do it for a great cause.” But that is not all.
Spectators are encouraged to attend. There will be designated spectator areas throughout the course. In addition, vendor booths will feature race sponsors, mini-fitness challenges which are open to everyone. Moreover, concessions will be available. So, come out and cheer your favorite athlete.
Best of all, wash stations will be provided as well as separate changing tents for men and women. Be sure to bring extra clothing because you are going to be a muddy mess.
The first heat begins at 7:00 am, with heats running every 30 minutes until 10am. Heats will be available on a first come-first serve basis. Therefore, register early to secure your spot. Please, visit registration site at https://runitlikeitshot.webconnex.com/mudrun2016. It is important to note; same day registration will be available on Saturday the race day. This is not an officially timed race but a clock will be available at the start and finish line so you can time yourself, or your team.
“Come out and witness a real festive atmosphere, said Stuckey. “It is not too late to register.”