Pine Tree PACE SAVE Chapter 2189 is proud to announce on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at the National SAVE Youth Summit in Raleigh, NC, Pine Tree High School Senior Izrell D. Adams, was recognized as a SAVE Student of the Year. Izrell was one of two students to receive this national recognition.The following announcement was made acknowledging Izrell:

“Our second SAVE Student of the Year is Izrell D. Adams of Pine Tree High School in Texas. He was not able to join us today, but Izrell is known for promoting unity, friendships, and achievement of common goals with his SAVE Chapter. He is committed to developing a family culture which has minimized conflict and promoted service learning. He has participated in anti-violence/anti-bullying events with pro-wrestlers leading rallies in elementary schools. Because of his concern for youth violence in his city, Izrell initiated a relationship with Precinct Judge Tim Bryan expressing his desire to be involved in local city and community government to promote change. He meets with government  officials, state representatives, and local business owners in discussion of current events and needed changes and plans for action in the community. Izrell has also been vital in establishing a mentor program for younger students. Congratulations, Izrell”!

What a wonderful tribute to Izrell, honoring the hard work and passion he has in dedicating himself to promoting a violence free community and continuing to model excellence of self in interacting with others. Izrell plans to attend the University of Texas at Tyler in Tyler, Texas in the fall. His declared major is Political Science.