Visitors walk into a well-lit, spacious and inviting environment that seems to project care and healing through its inspirational writings and beautiful hand-painted murals by staff members. These are the loving imprint of Longview’s newly opened Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas. Longview Chamber of Commerce representatives, elected officials, employees, their families and numerous and sundry well-wishers recently came together to commemorate the hospital’s grand opening.

Magnolia treats patients aged 18 and older for various psychiatric and dual diagnosis conditions. Licensed for 76 psychiatric beds, the facility strives to stabilizing its patients and quickly returning them to their normal daily lives.

Some seeking healing can be offered partial hospitalization and out-patient options so they may continue living at home during their treatment. The staff are eager to offer a variety of mental health levels, and to establish firm working ties with local organizations and stakeholders who perceive the need for additional mental health beds.

Gregg County Judge Bill Stoudt and District 4 Councilwoman (and attorney) Kristen Ishihara were on hand at the opening to voice their upbeat notions for the new hospital.

“I am pleased that they will be providing needed services for us, and we look forward to working with them,” said Stoudt. “They have a great staff.”

Ishihara was equally impressed with the new facility and the implications it makes possible.

“It is really beautiful with personal touches that demonstrate passion,” she said.

Wellness Pointe Business Development Officer Jeff Brown also voiced his enthusiasm for the new hospital.

“This is great because mental health [treatment] is very much needed in our community,” he said. “They seem real focused, and I look forward to working with them.”

Chief Operation Officer Joe Buckley of Louisiana and Texas Oglethorpe, Inc, the hospital’s parent company, gushed enthusiasm for the new clinic and its implications.

“I appreciate the hard work the staff have put into this facility,” he said. “Imagine the passion they used in preparing this facility that looks so beautiful. It is that same passion that they are bringing to the services they will offer.”

Buckley’s being so impressed with the staff is understandable considering he rates them as the best he has come across in his 25 years of acquisitions. He also emphasized that his company did not hire artists or interior decorators to provide the paintings and murals. These are all the work of Magnolia’s compassionate, caring and competent employees.

Magnolia’s Chief Executive Officer Allison Debruycker also cited her splendid staff for their enthusiasm, dedication, hard and cooperative work.

Pointing to the balloon-festooned halls, murals and inspirational writings decked walls, she remarked, “All this you see was done by our own staff, and I am indebted to them for their outstanding work.”

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