LISDBramlette Elementary Students discuss New Year Resolutions

Story by LaDana Moore

New Year Resolution is a common tradition in the Western Hemisphere. However, people all over the world have their own New Year resolution traditions. For example, the ancient Babylonians, at the beginning of each year promised their gods to pay their debts. The Romans made promises to their own god Janus. The month of January is named after him. In contrast, Christians hold night services thanking God of the year that is passing and asking for His grace, mercies and blessings for the upcoming one.

New Year resolution often times is about self-improvement. This New Year, is not any different. Some people want to lose weight, others want to forgive people who wrong them and, some want a closer relationship with God and family.

Bramlette Elementary school students are not unlike others in making New Year’s resolutions. East Texas Review made a quick stop on their campus and this is what some of the students have decided to tackle in 2015.

Tayvon Patterson: “My new year’s resolution is to make better grades.”

Abraham Baeza: “My resolution is to be a better soccer player.”

Zoe Nugent: “I want to be a better person and not be so shy this year.”

Danielle Douglas: “My new year’s resolution is to get better grades and to treat people how I want to be treated.”