Everyone looks forward to a New Year and the hope it represents. “Well wishers” come at us from every direction wanting us to reap a harvest of joy and happiness, peace and prosperity. A “good new year” is a universal desire that everyone seeks. But how can we assure ourselves of having a Happy New Year? The answer comes from Isaiah 41:10.

First, we must honor the two “nots” – do not be afraid and do not be dismayed. Fear and dismay will disturb our minds, trouble our souls and destroy our health. Only as we place our faith in the goodness and grace of God will our fears evaporate and dismay vanish.

Second, add the two “I ams” – I am with you and I am your God. Our God is always with us and we are never beyond His reach. When problems arise He wants to solve them. When needs arise He will meet them. When foes would destroy us He will conquer them. When storms appear He will calm them.

Third, we need to mix them with the three “I wills.” I will strengthen you. He has all the strength we need with some to spare. I will help you. Here is help that is seeking us and is sufficient for every situation. I will uphold you. With what? The very same hands that hold the universe together!

If we want 2017 to be a Happy New Year we must begin every day of every week of every month of the year reading God’s Word and spending time in prayer.