Newgate Mission and East Texas Review newspaper took to the streets and cleaned up Mobberly Avenue. Dot Stinson who is a community member at Newgate Mission was eager to get started on Saturday. “I like to clean the streets,” Ms. Stinson said. “I want them to look clean and I will like for them to stay clean.”

Furthermore, other Newgate Mission community members had their own reasons for coming to the Community Wide Clean Up that Keep Longview Beautiful organized.

Catherine Cooper said she loves God and knows the aphorism cleanliness is next to Godliness. “I want to do this because it is God’s work and it makes the community better,” said Ms. Cooper. “We do not want south Longview looking bad.”

For Brenda Underhill, it was her first time to do the clean-up.

Moreover, Newgate Mission community members saw it as an opportunity to keep Mobberly Avenue spotless till the next scheduled Adopters clean-up day. Derrick Cox who lives in south Longview wants to see south Longview cleaned up. “I live in south Longview,” he said. “I want it to look good.” Robert May seconded Mr. Cox. “I want to join others and keep south Longview clean and nice.” With these many enthusiastic volunteers, Mobberly Avenue was cleaned up and, left spic and span.

Kim Droege, Keep Longview Beautiful executive director was thrilled for the City Wide Clean Up success. “Longview Green and Clean was a phenomenal success thanks to each of YOU! We hope you understand just how important it is to provide our community with your time, talent and support” she said.  “Those of you that brought kids get double gold stars!  Teaching our children about community service at a young age helps us to have an ever growing population of people that think in progressive ways for Longview.”

Newgate Mission and East Texas Review newspaper adopted Mobberly Avenue and will do their possible best to keep this beautiful avenue green and clean.