By Jan Shedd

Bag 1
Freddie Mac is one of the wildly corrupt government-subsidized lenders responsible for igniting our current economic woes.  In 2004, President (GW) Bush correctly diagnosed its problem as a serious lack of oversight, and tried to pass some reforms.  The Democrats in Congress blocked it (naturally). In 2006, John McCain warned of the impending economic apocalypse, while the Republican Congress was picking up where Bush left off, trying to get it under control. And what was Newt doing?  Newt was working as a lobbyist for Freddie Mac, to the tune of $300,000.  He also was quoted as saying that FM was a “solid business model.”
Bag 2
In the 1990s, Newt led the fight to stop HillaryCare.  But in 2005, he started cozying up to its author, dedicated sot and national disgrace Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt first lady in our nation’s history. He appeared with her at a press conference that year in support of-are you ready for this- healthcare legislation!
The New York Times later had this to say:
“ . . . Mr. Gingrich has been talking up Mrs. Clinton’s presidential prospects in 2008, to the chagrin of conservative loyalists who once regarded him as a heroic figure (emphasis mine). Last month, he even suggested she might capture the presidency, saying ‘any Republican who thinks she’s going to be easy to beat has a total amnesia about the history of the Clintons.’”  (On occasion, the New York Times accurately reports the news.)
“But he’s so smart!” Are you sure? It gets worse.
Bag 3
In this link, you can watch the commercial he made with another dedicated sot, Nancy Pelosi, who actively promotes environmentalism for no reason whatsoever except to spread Marxism. When I saw this on television, my jaw dropped to the floor. Note at the bottom of the ad a line appears that says, “Paid for by the Alliance for Climate Protection.”  “What is the Alliance for Climate Protection?” you ask?  It’s an organization “committed to educating the global community about the urgency of implementing comprehensive solutions to the climate crisis”  and it was started by another dedicated Marxist, the climate-fraud-pedaling, mentally unbalanced Al Gore.  The president and CEO for the Alliance for Climate Protection is professional leftist Maggie Fox, who is the past national president of America Votes, another Marxist organization that promotes som through election fraud.  Not smart, Newt.
Bag 4
Newt suffers from what is sometimes called “wandering eye.”  Others call it, “lusting after women you aren’t married to.”  He currently is on his third marriage.  I suspect the only reason he bothered to marry again was to create a more palatable candidacy, and to shield himself from the questions that would surely come.
At age 19, Newt married his first wife Jackie Battley, his high school geometry teacher.  (She was 26.) While married to Jackie, he hooked up with Marrianne Ginther, divorced Jackie & married Marrianne.  While married to Marrianne, he took up with House staffer Calista Bisek, 26 years his junior, and divorced Marianne to marry Calista.  Their affair went on during the Lewinsky scandal, as Newt led the investigation of Bill Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice on account of his philandering. Nice.
Newt explains his chronic cheating by saying he worked too hard. I guess the reason most of us don’t cheat on our spouses is because we don’t work very hard.  Of his presidential bid, he has said, “. . . the American people will have to decide whether that’s [his moral lapses] their primary concern. If the primary concern of the American people is my past, my candidacy would be irrelevant.”  Given the fact that past actions are good indicators of future actions, I would say “irrelevant” pretty well sums it up.
Now that he has converted to Catholicism, he speaks eloquently about God’s forgiveness.  The message being conveyed is that he has repented, and God has forgiven him; And if God has forgiven him, why shouldn’t we?  I can forgive him, though I don’t see any need to.  He didn’t do anything to me.  He hurt his first two wives & his children.  He should seek their forgiveness, not mine.
Has anyone ever noticed that when slick politicians get caught doing the wrong thing, they claim to have received God’s forgiveness in order to mingle two entirely different & separate issues? Forgiveness is one issue.  Fitness to lead is quite another, and they have nothing to do with each other.  If you feel you should forgive Newt, by all means do it!  But the crucially relevant question is, is he morally competent to lead our great nation?  To answer that, ask yourself this question:  If his wives can’t trust him, how can I?
If Newt gets elected, and gets caught up in his old ways, there will be no press cover ups.  They will go after him on this, and every thing else like starving, rabid dogs.  Does this make anyone nostalgic for the humiliating years of the Clinton presidency?  Hello?  What about having a first lady who clearly has no more respect for marriage vows than her husband?  Imagine a spectacle like that for a minute or two, and ponder the notion that for all of Newt’s great intellect, maybe he just isn’t presidential material.
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