By Mary Hunt
Surprise! Today, instead of sharing tips you’ve sent to me, I’ve decided to hog the entire column to share some of my own. Several of these are oldies, but goodies, while others are recent discoveries. I do love great tips.
CELLPHONE ALARM VOLUME BOOSTER. If you’re a heavy sleeper and have trouble hearing your cellphone alarm, you can boost the alarm volume by placing your phone in an empty drinking glass. The sound reverberates and intensifies inside the glass. It may not be the world’s most pleasant amplification technique, but it works great. As an added benefit, to turn the alarm off you have to actually pull the phone out of the drinking glass. This requires a bit more effort, but makes it a bit more likely that you’ll actually get up instead of rolling over and falling back asleep.
NEVER LOSE THE REMOTE AGAIN. The reason most of us misplace the remote controls to our TVs and other electronic devices is there’s no designated place to put them. They might end up on the coffee table or end table, behind the couch or, as I have experienced, right in the trash can, never to be seen again. One person, whose handiwork I find to be so clever, stuck his remote controls to the edge of his coffee table using Velcro. Any fabric store or craft store sells this stuff by the inch or in packages with both the hook and loop sides of the Velcro outfitted with self-stick tape. He uses black, sticky-back Velcro. He cuts off the amount he needs for the task at hand, removes the protective paper to expose the sticky sides, and affixes one side to the remote and the other to the table. It’s true that when a remote control device has a home, it’s more likely to stay there regularly.
SUPER GLUE TO THE RESCUE. Use super glue to quickly seal cuts and blisters. Whether you’re hiking, barbecuing or just roughhousing outdoors, this is the time of year for cuts and blisters. If you can’t find a bandage, a dab of super glue will fix a wound in a pinch. After you’ve cleaned the wound and stopped any bleeding, apply a very small amount of super glue to the area, and quickly spread it around before it dries. The glue will harden into a mesh that essentially acts as replacement skin until your body heals itself. Super glue is nontoxic, but it might cause minor skin irritation. And it takes a long time to come off, so it’s probably best to only use this trick for small wounds and if no proper bandages are available.
GLEAMING STAINLESS. Clean and shine stainless steel by mixing 1 tablespoon cream of tartar with a few drops of water to make a paste. Rub the paste onto the appliance. Scrub it with a sponge, and wipe it clean with a damp paper towel. If you have a lot of stainless steel in your home, don’t depend on those tiny bottles of cream of tartar in the spice aisle. You can it in bulk for cheap online.
RICE COOKER AS HUMIDIFIER. Instead of ing a humidifier, use what you already have: a rice cooker. Simply fill the pot with water. If you want to create a specific fragrance in the house, add your choice of herbs, then leave the lid off while it cooks and steams away. The idea is, since most rice cookers have an automatic feature that switch them to “Keep Warm” after a period of time, you can fill them, set the settings and then forget about them, without fear of them boiling dry anytime soon. And you still have a great rice cooker!
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