“Neighborhood parks are one important way to bring us together and remind us we are all neighbors despite any perceived differences or issues.” Kristen Ishihara
By Keisha Roland
Kristen Ishihara, Councilwoman District 4, recently held a celebration at Akin Park located at 414 Delwood drive. The park received new playground equipment, picnic tables, flower beds and more. Approximately 300 people came to commemorate the occasion.
In 1977, the city of Longview acquired Akin Park. Again, in 1981, the park received its first set of equipment making it the oldest playground in Longview. According to Scott Caron, Head of Park and Recreation, the upgrade of Akin Park was remarkable. “It is great being able to upgrade our community parks,” he said. “We are able to provide a safer, more exciting, equipped place for children to enjoy.”
The celebration featured games and a bounce house – an inflatable structure with a bouncy trampoline for children. But that is not all
In addition, there was food. Tomberlain Insurance provided delicious breakfast tacos. Even, Cole Tomberlain and his family helped serve the food. To top it off, The Happy Angels served snowballs and dye free cotton candy.
Elected officials play a big role in park upgrades. “Any time we can get our elected officials, such as Councilwoman Ishihara, involved it works better for the community,” said Caron. “We have a bigger turnout in support.”
Ishihara was excited about the upgrade. “I am so pleased with the incredible turnout for this event, “she said. According to Ishihara Akin Park is very important. “The Park is dear to me because it is my own neighborhood Park,” she said. “I have two 5 year- olds that play there every week. It is also incredibly important to our community.”
She was delighted about the upgrade and lavishly praised the city. “I am glad for the City’s commitment to providing quality parks to our residents,” Ishihara said. “I look forward to improving Akin and other parks in the future.

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