Local Red Oak Missionary Baptist Church has recognized its pastor of 26 years, H.C. Rockmore, for his long and ongoing dedication to bringing his parishioners the pure, uncompromising Word of God. The sanctuary was packed for the celebration, dubbed A Pastor Grounded in the Word. Area preachers and assorted well-wishers from throughout East Texas and beyond attended to express their admiration and gratitude to this powerful servant of the Trinity.

Following a stirring musical presentation the Reverend J.D. Palmer of Mount Olive Baptist Church took the podium and introduced keynote speaker J.B. Dunlap, whose sermon was titled Staying in the Race based on Hebrews 12: 1-2. For such a man as Reverend Rockmore, who has always stayed the course, such a topic was fitting. Never, said Dunlap, stop striving to serve the Lord.

“Do not let the devil whisper in your ear that it is quitting time.” he said. “The race is one of Christian knowledge and long suffering, hence it will not be easy.” This race, avowed Dunlap, is something to be actively participated in–not merely observed.

“The Lord knows what is on the racetrack, and because He is the Alpha and Omega He is going before us,” he said. “We should rest in that knowledge. Despite all the problems in the race, the Lord is there taking care of us.”

Dunlap also made it clear that nobody can ride to salvation on someone else’s coattails. Every one of us is responsible for making his own peace with God.

“You cannot make it on your grandmama’s faith or salvation,” he said. “You must come to the knowledge of Christ for your own salvation.” He entreated his listeners to give up on any sins that might be hindering them in this race. He then conducted an invitation before turning the pulpit over to Reverend Rockmore.

H.C. and wife Jean Rockmore expressed their love and gratitude to their church family and all those in attendance. There followed some announcements before the sweet service concluded.