Region 7 Service Center in Kilgore hosted the 2020 Spring Lego High School Robotics Competition just  last month. Pine Tree High School robotics students nabbed 1st place for both design challenge and programming/building challenge.

Ira Roberts and James Phu designed a robotics contest based on getting into college dubbed  “Choosing a Captivating College to Commence a Comprehensive Career Path.”  This is Ira’s 2nd year to win 1st place in the design competition.

Their design board looked like a college campus and robots were challenged to complete tasks such as moving suitcases into college dorms, move through college gates, or press levers for attendance at different classes. Robots even had to spin levers to determine SAT/ACT scores and pull out a very long piece of paper to symbolize filling out the FASFA form. Ira and James’ design were professionally replicated for all 52 teams to compete.

Pine Tree students also placed 1st and 4th with building a robot and programming it to complete the tasks.

1st place team:  

James Bethard

Cayden Jereb

 Michael Orr

Cristian Vasquez

4th place team:

 Will Davis

Aron Lopez

Brendan Simmons

 Caiden Wood