Humana Inc. has recognized the Diagnostic Clinic of Longview for achieving high benchmark standards for improving treatment, care and subsequent quality of life for Humana Medicare patients.  The award is part of the corporation’s quality awards program which is awarding almost $10 million in rewards to American primary care physicians.
About 2800 doctors will receive bonuses of up to $175,000 apiece in recognition of performance improvements they have made to their practices during the past year.
“Humana’s Provider Quality Rewards Program seeks to support practices with the goal of improving outcomes and efficiencies in the entire health care delivery system,” said Humana’s Vice-President of Provider Engagement Tom O’ Rourke.  “This program begins a shift to a more holistic view of the patient, and changes the physician-payer relationship to focus on patients’ quality of life, improving outcomes, and lowering health care costs.”
There are nine categories considered for practices that are being examined for bonuses:
• Breast cancer screening.
• Glaucoma screening.
• Colorectal cancer screening.
• Cholesterol screening.
• Diabetes management.
• Osteoporosis medication management.
• Spirometry testing for COPD patients.
• Monitoring patients on persistent medication.
• Anti-rheumatic for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
“The feedback we’ve received from doctors about this program has been very good,” said O’ Roarke.  “We’re excited about the future of Humana’s provider-engagement model, and that this program is continuing in 2011, because of what it represents–a way to recognize and reward the great strides these physician practices are making toward helping their patients achieve lifelong well-being.”
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Nora Medina, director of network operations, HUMANA presents a check to Michael Clark, director of business development, Diagnostic Clinic in recognition of the Clinic's high benchmark standards; Melanie Perkins, credentialing coordinator looks on