Bluebeard Radio, produced and directed by students at Pine Tree High School, kicked off a student-produced musical radio program Sunday, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m.  The show is heard on several area radio stations across East Texas, chief among them KZQX FM 100.3 based in Lake Cherokee and owned by Chuck Conrad.
The decade specific radio show can be heard on Sunday evenings, and Pine Tree Audio Visual instructor Allen Morris is working with Conrad and others to make it where the show can streamed on demand as well.
The show is themed and features music and information from the decades of the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s in chronological order; decade by decade.
“I am super excited about all of the different possibilities that we have with the radio show,” Morris, the producer of the show, said. “Not only are we producing a final product that the public can appreciate, but we are learning a multitude of skills.”
He added the members of the team are learning to evaluate their work and look for ways to improve it.  “They are learning how to ‘ReadSearch’ meaningful content,” he added.  “That is, the students select topics of interest to them, read about it and then write about it from a listener’s point of view.”
He also said the short historical essays are then either read by the student or a voice actor. Following that production students do all of the engineering work with the music and vocals.
“The current format of the show is to present the best music from different decades and sweeten it with historical essays,” Morris said.
And, even the students are enjoying the experience, even if it means producing a show that includes music from an era before their parents were born.
“I enjoy being part of an audio production class, for being heard creates a sense of being important in others lives,” Senior Jake Norrell said. “It is also beneficial to ‘broaden my horizons’ in all areas, which include audio production.”  Others had a similar but slightly different point of view.
“I love it! Being able to explore music deeper and show people the pure joy of sound at its finest is exhilarating,” Daniel Henson, sophomore, said. “Plus sharing that feeling with thousands of other people is amazing. Music isn’t just a sounds its emotion, talent, ideas, and creativity all wrapped up in one big candy bar that you just got to enjoy eating rather than stuff it in your face and move onto the next one.”
Students are also excited to be the pioneers of a radio show, and they feel it is something that will go on for a long time.
“I’m quite excited to be working on this monumental project, seeing as it is the first attempt Pine Tree has made at a radio broadcast show,” Joel Ramirez, sophomore, said. “I’m certain that over time Bluebeard Radio will be a success, because this crew will shoot for nothing but the best.”
Students are finding the radio show is something they can produce and then go home and listen to with other members of their family, whether it is parents, grandparents or other older members of their family.
“The best part about being on the radio show is that I get to have fun and still be able to record this show that I can listen to with my parents,” Zachary Blaine, sophomore, said. “It’s great because then my friends hear me and give their own little criticisms so I can improve my quality of recording.”
Students have realized that producing a radio show that is of good quality and worth people’s time to take an hour out of their busy week is not easy work and is challenging each and every day.
“Good work is not cheap, Cheap work is not good is what I have realized in this class,” Senior  Jesus Sifuente said. “If you want good work you have to put in the time and effort. If you do cheap work or slack off then the final product will not be good.”
Other students are just excited for the opportunity to produce something that is different and can reach a huge audience.
“I feel like this puts me way ahead of many others,” Quay Ward, senior, said.  “I am learning about things that others don’t. It’s a fun opportunity that most people won’t get to experience. I hope that Bluebeard Radio show is one day recognized by a lot of people everywhere and just knowing that I helped start that is a reward all in itself.”
Conrad is glad to allow the students to have this experience and said their work will be heard by radio listeners in Longview, Kilgore, Henderson, Tyler, Jacksonville, Carthage and Nacogdoches.
“I am pleased with the work thus far, and I feel they will continue to learn and make this show much better for the listening audience,” he said. “ I am excited to see just how far this radio show can go.”
Pine Tree administrators are also excited for the students to have an opportunity to work on projects that can be enjoyed, not only by patrons of Pine Tree ISD but by listeners all over East Texas.

By Danielle Martin PTHS Yearbook Staff