It began when I bought him his first pair of cowboy boots. He looked at them lovingly and wore them with great pride. Even to bed. After he fell asleep, I would quietly go into his room and remove them gently not wanting to awaken him.

Michael and I “progressed” from the boots to jeans and a plaid shirt. Then a vest. Finally, a cowboy hat. Standing in front of the mirror in his room one day, he declared with pride: “I’m Cowboy Mike.” At that moment in his young life, he decided who he was and what he wanted to be: he discovered his destiny by the clothes he wore and the dreams he had as he watched cowboy movies. It ended when his friends laughed at him.

Each of us, at one time or another, had a dream about who we wanted to become and what we planned to do with the life that God gave us. We wanted to bring the future into the present with carefully detailed plans and goals. We chose classes and programs of study to help us prepare for occupations that fit into our dreams. We looked forward to accomplishments that would bring us joy and happiness, satisfaction and success. For some life unfolds as planned. For others there were starts and stalls and stops. We worked hard at life.

To make the most of life, however, we must not eliminate God from our plans. He knows what is best for us because He gave us life. Writing from a cave one day David finally said, “I cry out to God Most High Who has a plan for me.” It’s never too late to seek His plan.


By Michael A. Guido, D.D