The Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) created the award-winning multi-media project, “The Little Voice – Recognizing Child Abuse and Your Duty to Report It,” to raise awareness about our statutory obligation in Texas to report child abuse.
The importance cannot be stressed enough:  four children die every day from abuse, and 13,700 children are abused every day. “The Little Voice” is available for viewing at or may be requested by calling 512.427.1529.
“TYLA is focused on bringing awareness to this important topic and we hope that if even one child can be helped from someone listening to their own little voice telling them to speak up about child abuse, then our work on this project was worth it,” said Natalie Cobb Koehler, TYLA president.
“The Little Voice has a dual meaning – both the voice of a brave and terrified child, but also that inner voice that tells us something is wrong, said Jennifer Evans Morris, TYLA immediate past president. “This project encourages everyone to listen to both voices. Children simply cannot protect themselves. But we can – and it is our obligation.”