Jennifer Roberts, Tyler Police Department Crime Stoppers coordinator, was recently awarded the Joe Martino Administrator of the Year Award at the 23rd Annual Texas Crime Stoppers campus conference in Houston, Texas. The Administrator of the Year award recognizes one individual who exemplifies professional excellence in contributions to his or her local Crime Stoppers program, school and community. Roberts has worked with Tyler-Smith County Crimestoppers over 25 years.  “We are very proud that Jennifer has been recognized for her outstanding work with this organization which is very important to community safety. Her tireless efforts on behalf of law abiding citizens is an inspiration to all of us,” said David Dobbs, Tyler-Smith County Crimestoppers chairman.


A student at Whitehouse High School, Jarret Carnes, was selected at the conference to represent Tyler/Smith County as a Teen Ambassador for Texas Crime Stoppers. The primary objective of the Crime Stoppers ambassador initiative is to facilitate a process and structure in which to receive youth input, guidance and direction regarding the State’s annual campus conference and campus crime stopper programs throughout Texas. Ambassadors are selected to represent their peers all over the state and serve as the youth voice for Crime Stoppers in Texas. They provide an incredibly diverse platform to develop a meaningful and on-going relationship with The Office of the Governor, Texas Crime Stoppers Council, Texas Crime Stoppers Training and Technical Assistance and other organizations linked to the program.