The Longview Independent School District’s (LISD) Board of Trustees has elected to leave the district’s salary and compensation schedules unchanged for 2011-2012.
The panel also decided to discontinue local leave days for next year’s semester.  The state mandates five leave days, but LISD employees were receiving just two.  Superintendent Dr. James E. Wilcox explained the motive behind the cost cutting.
“As I see prices continuing to go up for goods and services I know [the salary freeze] will cause us all to think twice about spending our own money,” he said.  “But there is a bigger picture here, and that is trying to preserve what we have.  Our employees will hopefully be able to keep focusing on the education of our children, and not on whether they will have a job in a few months.”
The cutbacks were precipitated by an anticipated state rate revenue cut of as much as $12 million, and will save the district about $1.5 million.  This will insure the preservation of about 40 jobs that might otherwise have been lost.  Therefore, although school district officials are still searching for money-saving measures, no layoffs are foreseen in the LISD for the coming school year despite the statewide educational budget crisis.