The U.S. Army announced that Austin, Texas has been selected as the host for the new Army Futures Command (AFC) on Friday. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the leading advocate for Texas to host the new Army Futures Command, penned a letter to Under Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, and a letter to Secretary of the Army Mark Esper advocating for the Army’s expansion into Texas. The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce thanked Sen. Cruz and members of the Texas Congressional delegation for their efforts on behalf of Texas.

As part of the largest Army reorganization in 45 years, the AFC will:

  • help the organization adopt new tech and explore 21st century solutions more efficiently;
  • bring 500 jobs to Austin between civilian and active-duty roles, as well as many more economic opportunities for Texas businesses who will support and supply the Command;
  • implement cross-functional teams (CFT) that correspond with the Army’s top six modernization priorities: Long-Range Precision Fires, Next-Generation Combat Vehicle, Future Vertical Lift, the Network, Air-and-Missile Defense, and Soldier Lethality;
  • modernize the Army for the future and integrate emerging technologies to meet future threats.