Story by. LaDana Moore

Bramlette Elementary School students had an exciting afternoon when they stepped into their school cafeteria. Buffy Coleman who played for the Harlem Wizards was visiting their school. During his visit students not only watched famous Wizard basketball tricks, but learned life lessons as well in support of red ribbon week. He talked about education, leadership, self-confidence and respect.
Moreover, Coleman told the students, “Having a good attitude and being respectful will take you everywhere, but being disrespectful and having a bad attitude won’t take you anywhere.” Coleman’s life lesson is important to remember whether at school, home, or in the community. He added, “Having a good attitude and making the right choices will take you to higher heights.”
But that is not all. He discussed the importance of education in and outside of the classroom, “Smart people are the ones who do best in life, so you have to strive to be the best student that you can possibly be.”
Mr. Coleman himself picked students out of the crowd to participate in fun activities and learn fancy tricks, for a chance to win prizes and autographs. Johnathan Cawich took on Coleman, passing the ball through his legs, around his back, and off his head while his fellow classmates cheered him on. Students also participated in a game of magic circle, where Gabriel Flores walked away with the winning victory and a prize.
In tribute to Red Ribbon Week, Coleman also talked to the students about not using illegal and making the right decisions when peer pressure arises. Best of all, he warned the audience about keeping bad company, “There will come a time when you will be confronted about using for the first time, so you should separate yourself from people that are making bad choices.”
Coleman’s presentation, encouraged students to set examples, be leaders and to do their absolute best to reach life’s goals. That is why starting early years in life is important.