The County Treasurers’ Association of Texas (CTAT) has announced that Smith County Treasurer Kelli White is one of 4 nominees in the state of Texas for the 2011 Texas Outstanding Treasurer Award.
There are 245 County Treasurers grouped into 12 Regions in the County Treasurers’ Association of Texas (CTAT) and each one nominates a Treasurer from their Region. The other three nominees are Sharon Reynolds from Brazoria County, Dolores Ortega Carter from Travis County and Mitzi Wohleking from Midland County.
“I feel honored to be nominated by my peers for this prestigious award,” Ms. White said.
The winner will be announced at the 63rd Annual County Treasurers’ Association of Texas Conference September 18-22, 2011, which will also be hosted by Smith County. The event will be held at the Holiday Inn  on South Broadway and is expected to attract more than a hundred County Treasurers from across the state of Texas.
“We are working hard with CTAT to make this a successful program and an event that is sure to attract a lot of people to Smith County,” Ms. White said.
The conference will include a welcome reception with welcoming remarks by Mayor Barbara Bass, dinner at the Petroleum Club on Lake Tyler as well as CTAT board meetings, committee meetings, education hours and a legislative update.
The primary focus of CTAT is on education. Members frequently serve as board members for investment firms and on committees formed to solve some of the most difficult administrative issues facing Texas counties.
For more information on the 63rd Annual County Treasurers’ Association of Texas Conference, vendor booth information or information on how local businesses can help sponsor this event, please contact Kelli White by email at or by phone at (903) 590-4731.