Smith County reports an additional $62,000 in liability reduction to date, due to the award winning County’s Compensatory Time Management Program the Smith County Auditor’s office reported on Thursday, April 5.
The Smith County Compensatory Time Management Program began in 2008 as a joint effort of the Auditor’s Office and Sheriff’s Department, to reduce the ever increasing and costly pay out and accrual of employee earned compensatory time. At that time, Smith County had more than $735,000 in accrued liability recorded for comp time and more than $600,000 of the accrual was solely attributed to the Sheriff’s department and the Jail.
Combined with the cost savings since the program’s inception in 2008, the county’s efforts have reduced the hours accrued by 78% and reduced the liability by approximately $492,000, thereby saving actual taxpayer dollars.
In 2010 Smith County received the prestigious Texas Association of Counties Best Practices Award for cost reductions made through the County’s Compensatory Time Management Program. The Best Practices Award is presented by TAC’s Leadership Foundation and recognizes select county programs for outstanding innovation, achievement and delivery of services.