“We could not do it without our volunteers,” Jim Kendrick, CEO Longview Regional Medical Center.
 Longview Regional Medical Center recently held its annual appreciation luncheon for the hospital’s volunteers. No one looks forward to being admitted to any hospital except as a last resort. When this does happen the first step is admissions.  In this process, patients and relatives are anxious and sometimes confused. The volunteer is usually a point of contact that brings a ray of sunshine and reassurance to patient and family. From giving directions to lending a helping hand, always with a smiling face, volunteers are a very integral part of the hospital.
During the luncheon several volunteers talked about what they do and the intrinsic rewards of volunteering.
Jim Kendrick, Longview Regional Medical Center’s chief executive officer, praised the volunteers for their selfless service.
“Absent of having a baby or plastic surgery no one wants to come to the hospital, but with your smiling faces you make everything better.”
Melinda Whitehurst, manager of Senior Circle and Volunteer Services at Longview Regional Medical Center, referred to the hospital volunteers as a family, showing the care within that leads to the care they give to patients and their families.
“We are blessed to have a chief executive officer and his team that cares for the volunteers and participates in the luncheon,” said Whitehurst.
Longview Regional Medical Center’s volunteers are dedicated. Their service hours vary from 4300 in 32 years as in the case of Janice Benton, to Griffith Marie with 4859 hours in 14 years and Bjorkland Sarah with 6383 hours in 15 years, and many more.
Kendrick informed them of the hospital’s goals and expansion. He praised the partnership his hospital now has with the Diagnostic Clinic and asked the volunteers to always seek him out to give him feedback on all that is ongoing on the campus. Kendrick thanked them immensely for their selfless service.

Jim Kendrick, CEO of LRMC presents an award to Lajuana Tackett