Families who send their children to St. Mary’s can have their children supervised until 6 p.m. with no additional cost.

As the 2017-2018 school year begins, St. Mary’s Catholic School will offer additional supervised after school care to families free of charge with no increase in tuition.

St. Mary’s has offered after school care for families who need their children supervised past 3:30 for many years, but for an additional fee. Now, parents can have certified professionals watching their children until 6 p.m.

Principal Amy Blalock said St. Mary’s values a safe environment for its students even after school ends, which is why it is committed to faith-based after school care.

This after school care program provides a snack, enrichment and help with homework. By doing this, St. Mary’s ensures when parents get off work and pick up their children, family time is family time.

By offering this free program, St. Mary’s is showing its continuing support of working families who still want to provide the highest quality education possible in a safe environment for their children.

“It is our hope that more families will be able send their children to St. Mary’s and share in this important ministry of our parish by providing free after-school care,” Father Daniel Dower, pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and head of school, said.