Longview Independent School District Middle and High School students test positive for COVID-19 virus

 As students and parents return to school and work respectively,  the  number of COVID-19 infections is expected to rise. Schools in other states have seen their students test positive. For example, Georgia school district  recently quarantined 1,200 students.  Furthermore, National Public Radio reported 97,000 children nation-wide tested positive for COVID-19   two weeks prior to the opening of schools- a 40% surge in children according to state-level data from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital Association.

The virus has made its way to Longview Independent School District’s Foster Middle School and Longview High School.

According to Elizabeth Ross,  Longview ISD communications specialist, “The student was last on the Foster Middle School campus on August 19th, 2020, passed the routine screening before arriving, and is currently isolated at home.”

Staff, students, and parents who may have been in close quarters with the student have been notified. In addition, LISD is asking students and staff at Foster Middle School to regularly monitor and check for COVOD-19 symptoms.

Furthermore, two high school students have tested positive for the virus. Further details are not currently available on the  high school students.

LISD staff members are encouraged to contact COVID-19 coordinator Mae Johnson Lewis via email or call 903-381-2292 should they have an y questions.