KIDS PRESS visited two local elementary schools, South Ward and JL Everhart to find out what students’ plan to do this summer… This is what they said:


Dalton Serrato is a 4th grader. Dalton told KIDS PRESS he will study in advance for fifth grade. His older sister Natalie attends G.K. Foster Magnet School and he wants to do the same. She is in the Gifted and Talented program. Dalton says her sister is a good role model and he wants to go the same program. In preparation for Middle School, he will ask the sister to teach him Algebra this summer. Congratulations Señor Serrato!!! We are very proud of you.

Gabriel Segura, a 4th grader, will concentrate on reading this summer. He says he wants to be a good reader in 5th grade. Congratulations Señor Segura on setting goals for yourself, family and community!!!

Ja’mya Jimerson another 4th grader says she will be reading at the library. Ja’mya plans to visit friends and family in other states before the summer is over. Bon voyage Miss Jimerson!!!

Sophia Porras is a 4th grader and a future scientist. According to Sophia, she will work on her Science this summer. She hopes to be a Science teacher. “I want to help kids learn more about Science so they can be ready for college,” she said. Congratulations Senorita Porras for a great vision and plan!!!

Destini Davis likes Art. This 4th grader will catch up on her Art. “I will be drawing most of the summer and then go to Six Flags too,” she told KIDS PRESS. Miss Destini wants to be an artist or architect when she grows up. Congratulations Miss Davis for thinking ahead, you can do it, go for it!!!


Riley Crawford a 4th grader plans to have fun this summer. She will be playing softball. Riley is thinking of being a softball coach. She is also proud of what she learned in 4th grade. She told KIDS PRESS she learned numbers, multiplications and values. She is looking forward to attending 5th grade Olympics next year and studying for the Staar Test. Congratulations Miss Crawford for keeping an eye on the Staar Test!!!

Tony Little is a 2nd grader. He will play baseball this summer. Tony also plans to study for the Staar Test when he goes to 3rd grade. Congratulations Mister Little on your future successes!!!

Chase Smith is a 1st grader who has learned about a home and school in the neighborhood. This summer he plans to play baseball. Congratulations Mister Smith. Enjoy your summer!!!

Celia Rodriguez is a 3rd grader and she likes soccer. As a matter of fact, she will be travelling to Houston to watch a soccer match. She also likes the science classes in her school. She plans to be a veterinarian. Congratulations Senorita Rodriguez!!! You will make a great “Vet.”