By Keisha Roland

The school year is finally coming to a close. Hudson Pep students are eager to dive into summer. Hudson Pep Pepster reminisced on the activities of 2015-2016 school year.

One of the most important things for 3rd grader Traivon Kempson was the STAAR test. He said, “I was ready for the STAAR test and pretty confident I made a hundred.” According to Traivon, the teachers do their best to make learning fun. From Star Wars task cards to the division monster, there were endless learning games.

Jordan Allen 5th grader had several reasons for coming to school. “Being taught different things every day in many different ways makes it easy for me to come to school with a driven attitude,” he said.

A cheerful Makayla Police in 5th grade said, “My fondest moment was when I meet my teacher Ms. Kiser.  She is the absolute best.”

According to Jay Dunway, another 5th, grader, books give life. “I like to read a lot of magic books so, in spare time my teacher always lets me read.”

Allison Reed a 4th grader prefers math. ”I liked learning about fractions and how to add and subtract them,” she said.

Surprisingly 4th grader Campbell Williams may become a word smith. “Writing in our journals and learning to write expository essays was always fun,” he said.

In addition, learning does not stop because school is about to close. Jay Dunaway,  a 5th grader states his plan for summer. “I made a deal with my dad to read two books of his choice and he reads two of mine,” he said. “My main goal however, is to read twenty books before summer is over.”

Rachel Dejong, a 5th grader had a variety of reasons to be excited for summer. “I will be traveling this summer with family to San Francisco, Europe, and then Camp Tejas” she said. Not to mention Addie Soape, a 3rd grader who will also do some traveling. “I will be attending Space camp, and a NASA tour with the girl scouts,” she said.

Most students stated they will be spending time with family, engaging different activities such as swimming, fishing, going to amusement parks, and playing with summer league teams.

Hudson Pep students are proud of their school. “I would say this is the best school ever,” said an enthusiastic Diego Freire, a 3rd grader. For Ella Delafuente preparing students for the future was the best thing about her school. “My school is preparing me to go to a really good college. I plan to attend Harvard someday,” she said.


Equally important, South Ward Elementary students are appreciative of their school staff. Fifth grader Brayleigh Mitchell said, “I like how amazing my teachers are and how they encourage me to keep going when I just want to give up.” Brontravis Williams, a 5th grader added, “Principal Briley is very inspiring and encourages all the students to do their best no matter what.”

Learning is fun for 3rd grader Reyna Arredondo. “I enjoy school when my teacher show us new reading materials and different games to help us learn,” she said.

Brontravis Williams, a 5th grader has great reading plans for summer. “I would really like to read a lot more this summer. My mom will take me to the library to get books,” he said. “I love going to the library, it is a very peaceful place.”

Davionne Pickrun is a kindergartener. She has good reasons why she loves going to school. “My teacher loves us and we love her back,” she said. Jarian Fitts a kindergartener added, “They teach us good here.”