Gladewater Economic Development Corporation (GEDCO) is pleased to announce that it has finalized an agreement with Sunbelt Manufacturing to move its operations to Gladewater, Texas.

Sunbelt Manufacturing creates ready-made and custom-sized canvas and stretched frames, along with screen-printing frames for artists and silk-screening companies throughout East Texas and across the country.

“We look forward to growing our business and becoming a part of this welcoming community,” said Pat Conner, founder and president of Sunbelt Manufacturing. “Our experience working with GEDCO couldn’t have gone better. We were in the process of buying some property to build on when Robert Johnson, Executive Director at GEDCO, showed us two existing buildings that suited our needs perfectly. It saved us time and money. GEDCO really took care of all our questions and concerns and made the process a positive one.”

Sunbelt purchased the GEDCO-owned building and property located at 101 S. Pine Street in Gladewater and signed a three-year lease for the adjacent property and warehouse with an option to buy. Conner hopes the warehouse will open up new opportunities and enable his company to reach its full potential. Sunbelt also plans to increase its workforce by nine employees or more over the next five years.

The GEDCO incentive package provides up to $40,000 in incentives to assist the company with moving costs, equipment upgrades/installation and ensuring the buildings are up to code.

The company plans to hire and buy locally, and a number of other Gladewater businesses have already benefitted by the addition of Sunbelt Manufacturing, from G & L Safety, a safety equipment supplier, to Gladewater hardware stores. Plus, many of the city’s annual events, such as The Gladewater Main Street Art Stroll, East Texas Gusher Days and the Gladewater Arts and Crafts Festival, may benefit from partnering with Sunbelt Manufacturing.

“Sunbelt Manufacturing is a very good fit for the Gladewater community, and we are proud to have played a role in supporting and facilitating this agreement and finding the right solutions for their needs,” said Robert Johnson. “Gladewater is a great place to do business, whether you’re looking to move locations, expand your current operation or create a brand new business.”

Sunbelt Manufacturing is currently in the process of moving into its new spaces, and an official Gladewater Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony will be announced at a later date.

About Sunbelt Manufacturing
Founded in 1982 and family owned-and-operated, Sunbelt Manufacturing creates ready-made and custom-sized canvas and stretched frames for artists and companies throughout East Texas and nationwide. The company also sells and reconditions silk-screening frames and stocks a line of silk-screening supplies for imprinting clothes and athletic wear.

The Gladewater Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to attracting and retaining businesses to the city of Gladewater. GEDCO acts as a resource and liaison, providing financial and informational assistance, as well as a focus on increasing local job opportunities and skills development. GEDCO also encourages capital investment and community development. The organization shares an active partnership with the City of Gladewater and invests in and supports numerous infrastructure and civil improvement projects, along with festivals and public events that benefit the entire Gladewater community.