Sarah LeBus
Communications Officer, Longview ISD

Longview ISD received the 2016 accountability ratings from the Texas Education Agency today with excitement. Every one of the 14 campuses Met Standard, with Longview Early Graduation HS scoring a 62 when the state target was 35.

Beth Basset, Director of Instruction at LISD, explained the district’s goals and plans for testing in response to the state’s ratings.

“We set everything that we do at 70%, which is not necessarily state level and this year we are setting it to 90% so that 90% of our kids on benchmark tests, all the tests that we do so that we keep that high rigor on all the work that the kiddos do so it’s not such a shock when they see the test, said Bassett. “So we don’t teach to the test, we teach the kids so they can do well on the test.”

LISD’s Curriculum Department is interested in the student achievement. This year, LISD scored 74, 14 points above the state target of 60. Longview Early Graduate High School also brought in impressive numbers. LEGHS is an alternative school with a different state standard set at 35. The campus scored a full 27 points above the target.

“I am extremely proud of the hard work of our students and staff as recognized by this state accountability achievement,” said LISD Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox. “My hat is off to our staff and our district leaders…but my hat is really off to our students who felt like they could do it, and they did it. That is a perfect example of the district’s focus on keeping the dream alive with every child in LISD and this is just part of the results coming to fruition.”