The local Texas Bank & Trust has pledged $50,000 to the Long Habitat for Humanity’s Foundations for the Future Capital Campaign. The donation will fund a new facility.

“As a community bank we understand that access to safe and affordable housing is vitally important to the strength of any community. There is no better testament to the importance of this fact than to witness the lives that have been changed right here in Longview by Habitat for Humanity,” said Texas Bank and Trust Vice-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Rogers Pope, Jr. “The mission of Habitat speaks directly to our own efforts to further develop the communities we serve into vibrant places where families can grow and prosper. Therefore, it is our hope that our contribution to Habitat’s growth will in small measure further those efforts for many years to come.”

The Foundations for the Future Capital Campaign has a goal of $1,085,000, including the purchase of property, remodeling an existing structure and building a new ReStore.

So far $457,487 has been raised. Longview Habitat for Humanity President Griff Hubbard clearly expressed his organization’s gratitude.

“Texas Bank & Trust has long supported the work of Longview Habitat. We are honored that TB&T has partnered with us once again for an even longer term investment in the future of this community,” he said. “Thank you for your exceedingly generous commitment to the betterment of Longview.”

Founded in 1985, Longview Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization dedicated to wiping out poverty in Longview. The agency works with low-income families to provide them an escape from want by constructing homes with volunteer labor. These dwellings come with low down payments and no-interest mortgages. In 2012 the organization constructed its 80th home. For more information or to volunteer please call (903) 236-0900.

By Kelly Bell