The Texas Lottery® recently launched the 20th Anniversary scratch-off game to commemorate the lottery’s two decades of generating revenue for the state of Texas.


With more than $21.5 million in prizes, the 20th Anniversary game features nine top prizes of $250,000 and more than 100 second-tier prizes of $1,000. Odds of winning any prize in the new game are one in 3.52, including break-even prizes.


“We continually strive to incorporate innovation into our products to provide Texans with the best games available,” said Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director Gary Grief. “We are in constant pursuit of new technologies and games that enhance the services we provide to our customers, reduce our operating expenses and generate funds for Texas schools.”


When the Texas Lottery began, Lone Star Millions was the only game in town. Today, players can choose from a variety of approximately 80 scratch-off games and seven draw games, including Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Lotto Texas®, Texas Two Step®, Pick 3, Daily 4 and Cash Five®.  Plans are also underway for a new draw game, All or Nothing, to be launched later this year.