ETR Report

Despite the “building a wall” along Mexico border rhetoric, Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos has met with the Association of Mexican Entrepreneurs in a San Antonio summit to consider the future of Mexico-Texas economic relations. This meeting came on the eve of Pablos’ first visit to Mexico as Texas’ Secretary of State. The San Antonio summit provided the opportunity for discussion of how Texas and Mexico can benefit from collaboration between Texan and Mexican entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

            “Texas needs a strong Mexico. Mexico needs a strong Texas, and we all need a strong Texas-Mexico relationship,” said Pablos. “By continuing to engage in constructive dialogue with one another we are better positioned to create new opportunities and address challenges in the 21st century economy. As Secretary of State, I want to insure the partnerships we have built with public officials, industry leaders and entrepreneurs in both Texas and Mexico will continue to grow even stronger