Wedding planning is hard, but marriage can be harder. Thanks to a program sponsored by the Health and Human Services Commission, couples approaching marriage can build a solid foundation and save the $60 marriage license fee as well.
The Twogether in Texas program offers premarital education to engaged couples across the state through a network of providers. Couples who go through a class can have their marriage license fee reduced by $60 and waive the 72-hour waiting period after they get their license.
“The premarital education that couples get in the Twogether in Texas program can set a strong foundation for a marriage and give couples a better idea of the challenges they will face,” said Gordon Leeks, who oversees the program for HHSC.
“The idea behind Twogether in Texas is that couples take an eight- hour class which covers conflict resolution, communication and other key aspects of marriage,” Leeks said.  “The goal is to increase the well-being of all Texas children by providing voluntary marriage and relationship education skills to their parents.”
Couples can find organizations and churches that offer the classes by searching online at or calling 2-1-1. Contact the organization of your choice to check on class times and register to attend. Some organizations charge a small fee to cover the costs of the classes, and others offer free classes.
Couples who complete a class get a certificate that they can take to their county clerk when they apply for their marriage license. The certificate is good for one year and serves as proof that the couple is eligible for the discounted marriage license fee.
Program facts:
· The marriage education classes and discount for a marriage license were authorized by House Bill 2685 from the 2007 Texas legislative session.
·29,000 people statewide completed the classes in FY 2014.
·There are 2,600 organizations in Texas that provide marriage education classes that qualify for the marriage license discount.