Premium retailer SkinStore has surveyed 2,000 Americans on their spending habits around holiday season gifting, revealing that people in Texas spend more than any other state.

The survey took into account how many people the average person shops for, along with average spend on family members and partners, and what they forecast to spend this year. Texas ranked top of the spending charts, averaging at $900.

The top 5 states are displayed below:

People in Washington, California and Nevada spend the least at Christmas overall, averaging at $180 total (full lists available)

The survey reveals this season’s most-wanted gifts alongside the differences between expectation and actual spend between men and women. The survey highlights women spend almost double that of men, spending on average $700, compared to $400.

The survey revealed:

• 80% of women expect their man to spend a minimum of $250 on them this Christmas. However, the average man spends around $90

• Men expect $200 to be spent on them, although 70% of women actually spend $170

• 80% of those surveyed wanted cash gifts, yet only 2% dare ask for it

• Women found to be more sentimental voting ‘quality time with loved ones’ as #1 wish.

• Men on the other hand voted ‘sports tickets’ as their top choice, but beauty products was their 4th choice


Over half admit to spending the most money on their partner, but the same can’t be said for Dad: just 2% spend the most on their Fathers.
To avoid disappointing your significant other, Americans also revealed what not to buy to avoid a Silent Night this Christmas. For women, household appliances and clothing was voted bottom of the list. Men voted books and food as the biggest gift faux pass women can make.